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KWAME ONWUACHI, Chef & Author of "Notes on a Young Black Chef"

"Traveling internationally to cook or make an appearance can be difficult for many reasons. You don't necessarily know what you are walking into, you are unfamiliar with the environment, and most likely the event producer is so overwhelmed that details before hand are sparse. Luckily for me, that was not the case in even the slightest bit when working with Molly. She really made me feel at ease from over 3,000 miles away. Her professionalism and communication made the event a success and kept my nerves at ease. The event had an equable climate due to Molly's constant presence and reposeful demeanor. I look forward to working with her again and would absolutely recommend her for future events."


MAT KEMP, Creative Director, Meatopia.

Molly has been our Event Producer for Meatopia since 2019, and I was instantly impressed with her experience and approach. With a boutique event like Meatopia, the key people have to be able to adapt instantly to fast, high tempo situations while keeping a cool head, and Molly is remarkably adept at this. Working immediately under the directors, Molly heads up a small skilled team managing not only chef selection, menu curation, content and talent, but also marketing, budget, hiring and much more during most of the year, but in the weeks of the show this team will expand into a 100+ army of builders, technicians, musicians, chefs and specialists in all fields which she also presides over. Keeping such an amorphic project with so many moving parts on schedule and budget year long without compromising on quality or vision takes very specific qualities, which I can confirm Molly has in spades. 


"Anyone who has had the joy and the privilege to work with Molly Hutchinson knows that: she has the knack, she is the perfect and cool insider, sharp and far sighted."

JENNIFER NOBLE, Event Director, The Big Feastival.

Molly was our appointed Chef Liaison for The Big Feastival 2018 and provided an organised, calm and confident pair of hands to look after our Chef Talent on site across the three days of the festival.  Our Chef Theatre and Cookery Schools are key to the festival content and Molly’s positivity and professionalism ensured everything ran to plan and our Chefs really enjoyed their Feastival experience

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