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Luke began developing his ‘new wave’ ramen bowl concept at a supper club hosted in his own kitchen. His professional background has taken him from East London’s Bubala to Ottolenghi’s NOPI and the two Michelin starred The Hand & Flowers. In 2020 he crowdfunded to turn his home-kitchen supper club into a Kingsland Road permanent feature. After setting up the restaurant, he quickly developed a reputation for bold flavours, slick graphics and branding, and exciting collaborations with veterans in the London food scene (Top Cuvée, Manteca, Four Legs x The Plimsoll). 


Supa Ya Ramen: Located near Dalston Junction on the Kingsland Road, Supa Ya’s menu items include small plates and a selection of ‘inauthentic’ bowls of ramen. This summer, a new, daring menu was launched, featuring sausage Tantamens, soupless ramens, cold noodles and new ferments, pickles and sides.

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