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Meatopia 2023

Event lead of world renowned, annually sold out, Meatopia festival. On its 10th year anniversary, we extended the show over 4 days and brought together 100 chefs, all cooking uniquely developed dishes on live fire, to an audience of over 15,000 visitors.

MIAM oversees the team who creatively deliver this festival, working with global brands to deliver engaging activations. The event, which is now known the world over, also has a reputation for creating and building some world class BBQ set ups, working with each chef that cooks at the event to maximise the sufficiency of any kit we work with.

Whilst Meatopia is predominantly a food festival, the backbone of the philosophy is built around educating the audience to learn more about where the ingredients they use come from and working with the most sustainably sourced, local produce.

As event director, MIAM oversees the delivery of the production, marketing, content and budget management.

MIAM Services

Event Direction, Brand Activations, Partnerships, Curation, Talent Management, Creative Management, Content

Meatopia Thalia Barrios.jpg

Chef Line-up

Ana Da Costa (Mama Da Costa)
Ana Ortiz (Fire Made)
Andrew Corbin (Drunken Prawn)
Andy Stubbs (Low 'N' Slow)
Anna Higham & Paris Barghchi (Quince) 
Anna Sogaard (Bistro Freddie)
Anthony Murphy (The Beefy Boys)
Ben Quinn, Lily Coates & Meredith Rowlands (Canteen Cornwall) 
Brad Carter (One Star Doner Bar) 
Bruce Clyne-Watson & Carlos Rivas (Feast Alba x Basement 17 Tacos)

MIAM Talent

Ruben Dawnay

Ruben Dawnay

Ruben's Reubens

Sam Grainger

Sam Grainger

Belzan, Madre

Brad Carter

Brad Carter

Carters, One Star Doner Bar

Meatopia team photo.jpg
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